Tattoos and Humans: Dare to dream big

Dare To Dream Big

“I was a normal guy living a normal life and working 8-10hrs, but I’ve always had big dreams and wanted to live life to the fullest.”


“I used to play volleyball in my school days up till college. I had played volleyball for 13 years and wanted to pursue it professionally. But due to a leg injury, I couldn’t resume. I couldn’t believe I had to leave the sport so early, and with a heavy heart, I continued focussing on my studies.
I was good in studies and shifted to Bangalore for a job. I kept changing jobs and tried different things but nothing was as satisfying as volleyball. Sports were always on my mind and I didn’t have clarity of what I was doing with my life. Being fit was my childhood dream, as I used to watch action movies and think about having the same body. I decided to join the fitness training program called ACE (American Council of Exercise). I’ve been studying there since and left my IT job to work in a small gym!”

dare to dream big

Big Dreams

“I got to know about this competition in Delhi whose title was ‘Mr. Asia International’. My hard work and dedication placed me in first position. This journey has been a huge part in making my life, as from it, I grew up to be the person I am right now. These are just small dreams that I have achieved and gathered and they make me extremely happy about myself.

From not being able to do a single push-up to being invited to panel discussions, my past has played a very big role in shaping me to be the person I am today. I don’t believe in considering big personalities as my idols as I believe everyone is imperfect in their own way.
No human is born perfect. But I have immense respect for people like me who have started from zero and have gone on to achieve big things in life. I am inspired by all those people who are self-made.

I was a normal guy living a normal life and working 8-10hrs, but I’ve always had big dreams and wanted to live life to the fullest. I used to look at Mexican people who had arms full of tattoos and was quite impressed with the way they looked. I wanted to try it and that’s when I too decided to get myself inked.”

Tattoos and drama

“I have 2 tattoos, one on my neck and other on my right arm. My neck tattoo has ‘Vini’ written in chinese. My name is Vinit and my mom calls me Vini out of love, that’s when I decided to get inked on my neck. Surprisingly, It also means ‘red wine’ in chinese. 

Neck tattoos indeed are popular right now because of the placement for those who love to ink.
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And I have got a dragon tattoo on my right arm. I was looking for random tattoo designs on google and stumbled upon this unique design that quickly caught my eye and decided to get it modified in a dragon style.

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My life completely changed after getting a tattoo, the tattoo makes me feel motivated in some manner and they also add a little drama to your life. Of course people had their opinions about my tattoo, but my take on it will always be ‘never listen to people’. Most of them will advise you to not get a tattoo by giving you blind reasons, but my only advice to the youngsters would be get proper assistance before you decide to get inked.”

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