Tattoos and Humans: Great Things Never Come From Staying Within Comfort Zones

“I started playing cricket at the age of 4. I loved this sport as my father was very passionate about it.
I started it really late, as before that I was playing tennis at a national level. Though I started late, I was pretty happy to finally play professionally.”

Sports And Discipline

“When you love something, it drives you to do better and better. For me, it is just my love for sports.
The day I feel that I’m done with this thing, I’ll stop. But for now, it’s surely sports.”
“My mom would always get mad at me and say if you’re passionate about something be determined. It took me a really long time to understand the importance of discipline and incorporate it into my life. Initially when I started with my sports, I was a very laid back kind of a person, but it’s that one moment in your life that triggers you and you want to make a difference.”

“Ever since I was a child, I played all sports in school and college, so I had a natural aptitude and was quite athletic. But sometimes talent alone can’t take you to your goal, you have to have some discipline and dig in deeper to get your roots stronger. I was not a fat kid but I was a bit chubby, which made a guy comment on my body. That’s it! That was my trigger. A few months down the line, I lost close to 9 kilos and was much fitter like never before.”

My Idol

“I idolise Brett Lee and Adam Gilchrist when it comes to cricket. But when it comes to my life, I’d say my mother is my biggest idol. I lost my dad when I was 11 and she gracefully handled all her 3 kids single handedly. She’s been my inspiration ever since, and has been a very positive person. I will consider myself as a strong person the day I become even half as energised and motivated as she is.”

Rebellious Nature

“I’ve always been a very stubborn and a rebellious kid as compared to my 2 sisters. I’ve always done what I wanted to and never really asked for permissions especially when it came to getting my first tattoo, and I’d been wanting to get a tattoo for a very very long time, since college. It was a very random decision as I’m an impulsive decision maker. I didn’t know what design I wanted to have but I knew I wanted my parents’ name inked on my skin. So
without thinking much I randomly called my friend who has a tattoo studio and informed him that I’m coming tomorrow. Usually people say when you get 1 tattoo, you never stop at just 1, and that’s true, because now I have 5 tattoos and I got my first tattoo almost 10 years ago.”

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Story Of My Tattoo

“My first tattoo was for my parents because who I am today is because of them. There are some tattoos that you get without really thinking. The second one which is a 8 point star on my left wrist, is one of them. I later got to know that it has something to do with our soul which means there are 8 characteristics to those 8 point star that actually describes me. The 3rd tattoo is on my leg, which is quite recent it’s a paper plane that depicts my love for travelling, it also means independent and a free soul and if you look closely, if I join my legs together it forms a heart. ”

“The 4th one is on the back of my neck, and as you can see it represents karma. It’s a circle also called ‘Enso’ with Buddha in the center. And it’s incomplete, because life is not a complete circle. And the last one is on my back, it’s a special and my lucky number. These are my 5 tattoos stories and I’m definitely not planning to stop right there. My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story and there is a reason and a phase behind them.”

“My family has always been very supportive for everything I did, but they obviously lectured me about getting my first tattoo, but like I said, I wanted to get it, I got it. It’s my body, end of story. But with each new tattoo, the lectures kind of stopped. At one point I guess even they realized that I’m not going to listen, so let me just be.”

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Tattoos Still A Taboo?

“I agree it was a taboo back then, but now it has become a fashion. Also, most of the people today get a tattoo because it’s a statement, because it’s cool, because it speaks for them. For most of them, it’s like a bucket list, “I have to get a tattoo” kinda mentality. So I don’t think it’s a taboo anymore.”

Life Lessons

“One thing my life has taught me is that if you don’t have the mindset of becoming the best version of yourself, then you need to think about it. Another thing I’ve learnt is the moment you’re too comfortable in your zone of work, realise that it’s the time for downfall. So my one advice would be to always get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself daily to be
better than yesterday.”

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