Tattoos and Humans: Never Give Up!


Fitness: The Endgame

“Fitness totally comes from my parents. Since childhood, I was into several sports, Cricket, Football and many more, but when I was in 10th std, there were a couple of movies that were released, for example, Ghajini, that inspired me to push myself into Gymming and working out. I was not consistent then. Then I moved to college and I even had a girlfriend, we both decided to join the gym, and that’s when I finally decided to be consistent in fitness. In 2014, I competed in a bodybuilding competition for the first time and that was my ‘Make point’. I couldn’t be away from the gym and fitness life. Professionally, I’m a software engineer and we own a company as well, and guess what it is about? Fitness! We provide online fitness services.”

never give up

What keeps you going?

“Gym and fitness are a part of my life. I believe that if we are not fit, nobody will come to us. It is like a mindset that everyone has. If I was in their shoes, I would feel the same. As far as the liabilities are concerned, that definitely keeps pushing us to work. Also, the love that people give us, is another way to keep ourselves motivated.”

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How did you decide to get a tattoo?

“I remember being in 6th Standard, and I saw a tattoo artist just on the roadside. I was a great fan of The Rock – Dwayne Johnson, at that time – so I decided to get a Bull tattoo which is the signature of The Rock just for 20 bucks! But, it faded as I grew up. So, now I had to cover it up as it didn’t look good, and I didn’t have much knowledge about tattoos. So, my girlfriend helped me out in this one, and we finally settled on the ring tattoo to make my arm look bigger.”

How did your family react to your tattoos?

“For the first tattoo, I was scolded badly. My family was not so modern at that time. They threw obvious questions at me like, “You don’t even know what you have done”, “It won’t be removed”, “You have to live with it”. I had to face them and their anger, as I couldn’t do anything. For the second tattoo, they didn’t say anything about it, because by that time I was mature enough to understand everything. For the third tattoo, which is a barcode, I sent a picture to my mom and my brother scanned it for her. It was written ‘Maa’, and she reacted happily!”

Dedication to fitness

“2014 was the first time I competed, and to be honest, fitness became an addiction after it. In 2016, I competed in Mr. Bangalore and I won again. There’s a saying, “The more you win, the more you’ll want”, has kept me going. I even qualified for int’l shows. Every year, without fail, I travel to Australia to compete. After all of this, I realized that I cannot go to these stages with a physique that
people won’t like. This has kept me on the top of my game and pushed me harder to be the best of all. If we talk about numbers, It took me 10-12 years to be what I am today.”


“Bodybuilding life is totally different, every single day we tend to do some or the other thing which we haven’t done before. The most obvious challenge in my life is to manage both my fitness life and professional life. I need to make sure that I follow my job regardless I’m working from home or office. During the competition, I had to go to the gym twice a day, so the schedule of working out
and working in the office was a really tough challenge. Talking about more challenges, what could surpass having 2 dogs and these jobs at the same time? So, in short, we love challenges.“

Tattoo: A hero or Taboo?

“I believe it is the perspective of the people, of how they look at it. Even in bodybuilding, people have a different perspective about it. People will either look at it in a good way by saying “You have a good physique” or wouldn’t like it at all. Similarly, tattoos too have the same belief. People know what they want to portray via tattoo. For me, tattoos are a reminder and it motivates me to be
focused, work hard and calm down mentally.”

What did you learn in your struggle phase?

“The 2 most important things that I have learned is consistency and never give up attitude. 2014 was the time, I just stepped into my professional career and I didn’t have much financial backing to fulfill my fitness ambition, and neither did my parents support me in this. They would rather say, go and play football or cricket or any other sport. Then, I ended up taking a loan from my bank, and
that investment helped me to move forward, made me consistent and pushed me to win everything out there. Since then, it has become my addiction.”

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The moment that made you proud

“So, my parents never supported me and they did not even come to see my competition. There’s one question, I remember my dad asking me, “Why do you lift weights and pay for it? Laborers do the exact same thing.” It was difficult for me to explain it to him. One fine day, he eventually showed up at the show I was competing in and I won it, so he was waiting for me to come down to the stage to congratulate me, but before that could happen, a long queue gathered around me to congratulate and click pictures with, that’s when my dad said, “Waah, mera beta toh star bangaya” is my proudest moment!”

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