Tattoos and Humans

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Sailing Through Life

 “I’ve always believed that people’s opinion of you should never matter. If you do something that you love, don’t let anyone’s thoughts stop you”

The Journey

“My journey with getting a tattoo began in 2011. I was studying in college and back then getting inked was still pretty much a taboo. I was going through depression and didn’t like my environment very much. I always felt low and depressed in some manner. Until one day, I got to know about an anti suicidal movement that promoted semicolon as a sign.“

sailing through life

A Purpose

 “It meant that no matter how many times you wish to end your life, there is always a semicolon to your sentence. Even if we die, we’re alive in the hearts of our loved ones, there is no full stop to your life. That’s when I decided to get a semicolon inked on my collarbone. It reminded me that I have strength to fight with my thoughts and hope to live a beautiful life.


Semicolons tell us ‘the story isn’t over yet’. A perfect reminder to hold on. Check out this beautiful wrist semicolon tattoo here!

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Tattoos and Humans 6

I got my second tattoo in 2013. I have a big mole on my hand and always had the thought to have a tattoo around it. Not because I wanted to hide it but to enhance its beauty and play around with it. I love nature, especially forests, hence I got a forest tattoo inked around my mole and I think it’s beautiful.”

Forests continue to symbolise many things even in tattoos. Are you fond of forest tattoos or want to get one? Check out some amazing forest designs here!

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Tattoos and Humans 7

People & Opinions

“People still pass comments about my tattoo and feel I did it to hide my mole. But I never really bothered about anyone’s thoughts. My actions were never about pleasing anyone but for my own happiness, I did it because it made me happy. And I think tattoos are a really good way to express yourself without having a word. It says a lot about you as a person. I’m planning to get my third tattoo very soon, mostly a Shiva tattoo. People may judge me again but the bottom line is ‘who cares?’” 

Tattoos and Humans 8


“I have changed my way of thinking. I know there’s a difference between who I was then and who I am now. At that point I was going through a different frame of mind. But like I said, getting a tattoo back then was a taboo and people used to ask me a lot of questions like “is this a mole? Why are you hiding it with the tattoo? Who have you done it for?”, but I never cared about their opinions. 

I did it for myself because I liked it and if I had to hide my mole I would have hid it completely and not surround it with a design. I do not owe any explanation about my actions to anyone. I am not guilty of doing what I did.” 

Flip Side

 “I am a software engineer by profession, and I’ve been a fitness and fashion influencer for a while now. I am not a trained yoga instructor but a yoga enthusiast. My IT sector job required me to sit for a very long time because of which I developed a cervical problem and that’s how I began doing yoga. 

Tattoos and Humans 9

Although I follow a very balanced diet, on the lighter days I prefer eating my favourite food, watching Netflix and sleeping longer. Yoga has its own surprises, you won’t get the postures right in the first month but you’ll see the difference in 3 months, not only in your posture but also in how you feel.”

Tattoos and Humans 10

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