Tattoos and Humans: What A Teacher Is, Is More Inspiring Than What They Teach

“I believe your teacher should be inspiring because what a teacher is, is more inspiring than what they teach. I was in school when I first started yoga, and my yoga teacher wasn’t so inspiring, neither was I interested in physical activities. Years later one of my friends was practicing yoga and her lifestyle inspired me. I thought I’ll pursue my Msc in Yoga Therapy, meanwhile I was studying CA but I gave up and started teaching yoga.”

“When people started telling me that I teach well and they feel amazing after yoga, I started practicing it myself. Yoga was a game changer for my health, I was more flexible, my tonsils had disappeared, my menstruation cycle was back on track and my health was just better than I thought it’d ever be. After a year of practicing and teaching yoga I found my calling, and I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

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“Doing any fitness routine and waking up at 5:30 every day is not easy, waking up early on Sundays is not easy, but I realized that not showing up every day and the lack of hustle makes me feel dull. My work is not easy, but at the same time I’m so used to it that now I cannot live a day without doing and teaching yoga, and I think that keeps me on my toes and motivated.”

“There are days when I take a break, because your body needs it, but I’d advise you to not take a break beyond a week.”

Idols And Discipline

“My idols keep changing; when I first dedicatedly started learning yoga, my guru was my idol, then my other yoga gurus who taught me, my friends whose lifestyles inspire are my idols, basically anyone who motivates me becomes my idol, and what’s the harm in that? If you look around you’ll find so many people who will inspire you in your everyday life.”

“I believe discipline comes when you put your heart into something. You can’t quit smoking just by thinking you want to quit, neither can you lose weight by dreaming about wanting to lose weight. It can be possible only if you put your heart into the process of your goals.”

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The Tattoo Journey

“I always told my friend that we will get a tattoo, but it couldn’t happen as we were always occupied by some work, so at one point I just decided that I’ll go by myself and get one tattoo because why wait when you know what you want.”
“My mom believes in superstitions and used to force me to wear a black thread because I meet so many people and I should protect myself from the evil eyes. I kept nodding yes but never really tied a thread. I don’t like wearing accessories so I decided to get an evil eye tattoo.”
“I got my first tattoo 3 years ago. I also got my favorite Natraj Aasan inked, then I have an ‘Om’, a ‘hamsa hand’ tattoo and a lotus tattoo on my hand. I believe my tattoos give me a positive energy and really protects me from the evil eyes. I now plan to get another tattoo on my shoulder.”


“So the first time I went to get a tattoo I was scared and took my mom along. By the time we reached there I told my mom I’m scared and I’ll only get a tattoo if you also get one with me. So she agreed and decided to get a ‘Durga’ tattoo on one arm and ‘Ganesha’ on the other. And the funny part was she slept and snored through the tattoo process and the designer was also shocked. She never intended to get a tattoo but to encourage me she got one. So yeah, my mom was the biggest support in my tattoo journey.”

Tattoo A Taboo?

“We have a mixed crowd these days, and there are many people who are okay with getting a tattoo and some are not. If you asked me a few years ago, I didn’t want my tattoo to be seen on me during weddings. But people grow and learn, and we are now in a modern world. Just like apparel and footwear choices, tattoos are also a choice and everyone should be free to get one.”

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Beyond Comfort

“Acro yoga, bungee jumping and similar adventurous sports pushed me out of my comfort zone. I feared all these sports, but you’ll never get over your fears if you don’t try and overcome them. And trust me, the feeling you get after doing what you fear, it’s undefinable, you sense a feeling of getting high on life.”

A Sense Of Pride

“Looking back at the achievements, when my students tell me that I teach well, when my clients are happy, when I’m a big part of someone’s body transformation, I feel proud of myself. Even if the contribution is small, it makes me happy because I was a part of it, but I still have miles to go.”

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