The beginner’s guide to a tattoo

“Tattoos… are the stories in your heart, written on your skin”-
Charles De Lint
Getting your first tattoo can be really confusing as there are so many myriad of factors to
consider. It can be an intimidating experience. Tattoos are cool, but there are lots of mixed
emotions and thoughts while getting your first tattoo. Before getting your first tattoo, list of
things are there to be kept in mind so that you don’t feel sorry otherwise. A tattoo will be a part
of your life, so it needs more than just an hour of thinking to take the decision to ink yourself.
Here’s what you should be prepared for before walking into a tattoo parlour.
Don’t decide in a rush
A tattoo is something which will stay with you for life, so it is a decision that can’t be taken
overnight. Make up your mind about the design you want to get tattooed while knowing how
much of your skin area you want to dedicate to the tattoo. Sit with your artist and get the
perfect design which will make you feel the same way about the tattoo even after years of
getting it.
Research about the tattoo parlour
A bit of research beforehand does help you in knowing the place you are planning to get inked
from. The hygiene standards, clientele and general health habits speak a lot about the place.
Visit the place, ask to take a look around and observe. Make sure that the parlour is meeting
the hygiene needs as tattoos are to be handled with extreme care. Needles, razors, bandages
or swabs, anything that the artist uses should be a new one.
Choose your artist wisely
Choosing a good artist is very important as you will be trusting that person to inscribe
something on your body. Find a professional artist who can work with you and understand your
design needs and the emotions behind it. It is also important to find an artist who has had
previous experiences with working on designs similar to your choice. Go through the portfolios
of your selected artists, check out their social media handles where you can find their works
and the satisfaction meter of their clientele. Make sure that you are comfortable with the artist
and trust them enough to ask to change the design if required . A good tattoo artist makes a
huge impact whether it is a big or a minimal tattoo. While you communicate with the artist

about your ideas make sure you also listen to them as they are professionals and can suggest
Know your design
A tattoo often represents the sentimental values of an individual, but many people choose it for
aesthetic reasons too. Your tattoo can either have a very deep meaning or can just be a simple
representation of your likes/dislikes. Take a good lot of time knowing what you want and why
you want it. You can go with something that defines you or something you love. Knowing your
design properly saves you from future regret trips over the tattoo you decided to get in the first
Don’t opt for cheap
A good piece of art costs a lot and so does a tattoo. You could be blown away knowing how
expensive tattooing can be. A tattoo is similar to buying a permanent art piece for your body. A
small sized tattoo’s cost varies from Rs. 1000 to Rs 2000 depending upon the design and area it
is covering. Know your budget,choose your design,do a price comparison and you are good to
Managing the pain
Getting a tattoo hurts, with needles penetrating your skin you might feel a stinging or burning
kind of pain. Be mentally prepared before you jump into getting a tattoo. The pain levels are
different in various parts of your body. Take small breaks and keep yourself hydrated. It is
natural to feel scared due to the pain caused during the making of a tattoo. Talk to your artist
and calm yourself. It is normal to take short breaks during the session and resume rather than
playing tough.
Tattoos are very similar to open wounds and need proper care for them to heal. Make a note of
all the aftercare suggestions your artist has explained to you. Start with washing the tattooed
area with an antibacterial soap and keep it moisturised using the ointments recommended by
your artist as it can be itchy as it gradually dries. Do not hesitate to go for a touch-up once it
dries completely.

Be ready to flaunt your tattoo and tell your story!



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