The Perfect Aesthetic Tattoos That You Have Been Looking For

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At this point, everyone wants an aesthetic element to adorn their space whether it’s the bedroom or the living space because they immediately elevate the entire look. When it comes to tattoos, aesthetic tattoos are a new trend and is a subjective term. Some might feel full sleeve colourful tattoos as aesthetic while others might see small, cute and minimalistic tattoo designs as aesthetic.

So, if you are hunting for some really good aesthetic tattoo ideas, you have landed in the right place. We will help you get started. All you need to do is keep scrolling for fun examples of aesthetic tattoos before booking an appointment at the tattoo salon. 

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The Perfect Aesthetic Tattoos That You Have Been Looking For 9

This tattoo rightly depicts minimalism and aesthetics. The simple linework of the tattoo makes it unique and appealing to the eyes. Also, this tattoo will not take much space, so it’s a great option for someone who doesn’t like to show off tattoos.

The Perfect Aesthetic Tattoos That You Have Been Looking For 10

Floral trends never go out of style. They provide a timeless feminine aesthetic that can’t be ignored and one of the hottest places to get a floral tattoo is on the back of your palm. You can easily flaunt your tattoo and you can click drool-worthy pictures with your hand tattoo being the hero that it is.

Speaking about this tattoo on the right, it’s a rose tattoo which is one of the most popular flower tattoos in the world because they are pretty and delicate. You can add colours if you like. For example, you ink a red rose to symbolise love or a yellow one to represent happiness and friendship.

Another floral tattoo example is this one on the left which is perfect for someone who is searching for a timeless piece and aesthetic at the same time.

The Perfect Aesthetic Tattoos That You Have Been Looking For 11

Rose tattoos are classic pieces and red roses have been a popular option since the ’30s. They represent hope, love and strength and that’s the reason why it has not gone out of style to date.

This tattoo with the flying petals and roses make an eye-catching art piece.

Quote tattoos can make a huge statement or they can mean something really important. With that being said, when you choose an elegant font style for your quote tattoo, they look nothing but beautiful.

The Perfect Aesthetic Tattoos That You Have Been Looking For 12

Take this tattoo, for example, the quote says all you need to do is love yourself. The font style makes the tattoo look dainty and beautiful just like the meaning of the quote.
The Perfect Aesthetic Tattoos That You Have Been Looking For 13

Another example of an aesthetic quote tattoo is this one on the right. This tattoo gives the first impression that in life, not all things will be bright and colourful, but that’s okay.

The tattoo is minimalistic and the font style looks cool and fun just like the quote.

You should definitely opt for this tattoo if you are on the lookout for quote tattoos that are fun and quirky and have an aesthetic element to them.

The Perfect Aesthetic Tattoos That You Have Been Looking For 14

Moon tattoos always look good. Whether they are full moon tattoo or crescent, they look amazing. Well, did you know, the moon is a symbol of power, transition and growth? If you didn’t, now you know and found another reason to get a moon themed tattoo if you were contemplating one.

Speaking about this tattoo, the crescent moon makes for a beautiful tattoo, especially if you are looking for the aesthetic element. The lunar phase of the crescent moon is linked to change and growth. So this will act as a reminder to you that life is all about learning new things and growing fruitfully.

You can add other elements on the tattoo like the stars or planets as shown in the picture or you can just opt for the crescent moon. The choice is yours. 

Pro tip: You can ink this tattoo behind the ear, on the ankle area or on your fingers. 

The Perfect Aesthetic Tattoos That You Have Been Looking For 15

If you are bored of an existing tattoo, you can add colours to it to make it look like a brand new one. Adding bright colours can lift up any tattoo and when it’s like a stroke of paint, the tattoo looks like an aesthetic piece of art.

This tattoo over here has nothing but the cross symbol but the addition of red colour into it has enhanced the entire look of the art piece. 

This tattoo is a great option for men who are looking for cross tattoos to represent their faith in God. You can check other designs here.

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Butterflies are a symbol of freedom, positive growth and femininity. Going for a butterfly tattoo will surely accentuate the body part where you will ink it and will be a head-turner. You can place the butterfly tattoo on your waist area to go for a sexy look or you can opt for a 3D design like the one in the picture. 

The Perfect Aesthetic Tattoos That You Have Been Looking For 16

3D designs give the tattoos a character of their own. A 3D design rightly captures the beauty and grace of a butterfly and the shadow makes it look like the butterfly is ready to take its flight. 

Going all black or adding colours for the tattoo is up to you but we would suggest choosing vibrant, natural or realistic colours to your butterfly 3D tattoo to make it look real. The colours will give the tattoo a personality of its own that can’t be ignored.

Apart from butterflies, there are other aesthetic 3D tattoos that will definitely blow your mind. So, where to find them? Your answer is right here at Jhaiho where you will find tattoos based on your style and interest.

Before we end this blog, let us give you a piece of advice, don’t just blindly follow trends that you might regret later. Yes, there is an option of covering up tattoos but why go through the hassle when you can get a design that will stick to you forever?

Also, we hope you liked all the tattoo ideas that we have shared. You can also customise these designs according to your wish and come up with a unique design of your own. So what are you waiting for? Go, get inked.

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