The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs

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A wrist tattoo is often seen as an elegant piece of art. Wrist tattoos are easy to show off as they are always in line of sight and that’s the reason why many people opt for them. But one disadvantage is that the wrist provides a smaller canvas compared to other body parts. The latter reason overshadows the later disadvantage and people get creative with their designs to flaunt their tattoos.

The list of possible tattoos for the wrist area is endless as we have two wrists to adorn them. You can go all creative with the designs as you can easily flaunt them without the risk of being too flashy.

Speaking about the pain, the wrist is a tender area. You can literally spot the blue veins running inside your skin and make you feel that it will hurt a lot. Well, the pain tolerance differs from person to person, so why not try it and find out? You can also take the help of Jhaiho’s pain chart which will check the different pain levels of tattoos by applying the pain level filter.

So if you are intrigued by the idea of wrist tattoos, look no further. Here we have gathered a few tattoo designs that will make you book the appointment for your ink session, right away.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 16

This design is an interesting take on wrist tattoos. A gently burning matchstick tattoo might mean steadfastness and self-confidence despite any situation. The size of a matchstick doesn’t hinder its ability to burn bright and spread light in a room. If you have an active personality, you can go for this tattoo design.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 17

If you are into cool looking tattoos, a portrait tattoo is just for you. It is unique and another plus point is that it will easily grab eyeballs. People choose portraits for their tattoos for a multitude of reasons like showing their love for a favourite icon, to pay homage to a special someone or showing appreciation. The tattoos act as a reminder of the person every time you look at them.

Having said that, you can check more portrait tattoos like this one on the right on the Jhaiho website in the discover section.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 18

You can also get your favourite celebrity’s portrait tattooed on your body. This amazing tattoo of Sachin Tendulkar is a striking example of one. 

Armband tattoos were quite popular back in the day and it has now fallen out of the spotlight. But lately, they are making a comeback with new designs and styles. This wristband tattoo on the right with dot work is a unique take on the trend. You can also add colourful flowers and make it look like a beautiful flower band. 

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 19

The Lion, the king of all animals is one of the most popular tattoo designs chosen by people. Lions are often associated with nobility, power and honour. If you are someone who can be described as a person with power and leadership qualities, a lion tattoo will suit you.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 20

With respect to designs, you can pick from realistic to neo-traditional to astrological sign Leo. 

A lion head tattoo looks majestic and this tattoo on the left speaks all about royalty. In fact, the colour makes the tattoo spectacular. The mane in this tattoo is flying in all directions which makes the face look fiery.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 21

If you are someone who is a staunch follower of Lord Shiva – the supreme being and destroyer – then a Shiva tattoo is a must for you. There are tons of Lord Shiva tattoo designs that you can adorn on your body. But as we are talking about wrist tattoos, you need to be mindful about the design as the space is less. 

If there is a situation where the tattoo design is sizable, then you can extend it to the forearm area like this tattoo. 

Speaking about the tattoo, it features a Shiv ling and a snake on top of it which depicts that it is always there to protect you from evil forces. 

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 22

Flowers of all kinds look beautiful and that’s the reason why it’s a popular pick across the world for tattoos. Also, flowers indicate all things beautiful like new beginnings, romance, passion, prosperity and the list goes on. 

With flower tattoo designs, there is no boundary on choosing colours. From red to pink to blue, there are a variety of colours that you can add to your floral tattoos.  

To narrow down your references for flower tattoos, here is an example. Also, you can search for more on Jhaiho’s website. Click here. The tattoo here is a blue flower with a name on the top of it. You can add other elements like a bird or a butterfly to make a floral tattoo more pretty.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 23

To express your lifelong interest in astronomy and space, you can get yourself a tattoo with an astronaut. Some people also pick an astronaut tattoo to show their support to NASA and other space exploration programmes. An astronaut tattoo will also make you stay on the road to your goal if you want to be an astronaut one day. 

You can choose other concepts like an astronaut landing on the moon or one who is floating in space. There are multiple ideas that will look amazing when it is made into a tattoo.

For tattoos of these sorts, you need skilled hands who will bring alive your emotions and thoughts. Well, look no further, at Jhaiho you will find an endless list of tattoo artists based out of your city who have been in this industry for more than 10 years. They will guide you in every step of your tattoo journey. All you need to do is book a consultation through the website and the rest will be done by the experts.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 24

Big or small, couple tattoos always look cute and this tattoo is a case in point. Many couples when they are pretty sure about the relationship, tend to get matching tattoos together which is a great bonding exercise. You can get creative with the designs or go for simple tattoos that resemble the relationship that you share.

For instance, this tattoo on the left represents two bikers who are deeply in love and are the king and queen in each other’s lives.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 25

Another instance of a couple tattoo is this cute matching avocado tattoo that shows that you two complete each other and are tied for the rest of your lives.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 26

Watercolour tattoos are incredibly beautiful and are eye-catching. They look like someone has painted on your skin and this fact intrigues people to look at it. While many choose something meaningful for their watercolour tattoos, you can go for an abstract one if you are inclined towards artistic approaches.

Of all the pros with watercolour tattoos, there is a downside and that is, they fade away easily. The involvement of different shades on creating the tattoo also leads to a higher cost. But if you keep these things aside, watercolour tattoos will definitely make you stand out.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 27

If you want a symbol that represents strength and security, an anchor tattoo should be your first choice. The heavy metal is used to hold a ship in place at the sea and the tattoo symbolises calmness and acts a reminder to not lose hope and stay strong in turbulent days.

You can also ink an anchor tattoo in memory of someone who kept you safe from any trouble.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 28

A cross tattoo is a great way to honour your faith and belief, if you follow Christianity. The cross represents the sacrifice made by Lord Jesus Christ for humanity’s good. As we all know, people choose the wrist area for a meaningful tattoo, a cross with ornamental beads tattoo will look great and will also remind you to hold tight to your beliefs. 

You can also get creative with the design by adding different elements like a verse from the Bible and many more.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 29

What better way to celebrate the love that you have for video games than with a heart tattoo with a gaming controller inside it? The heart symbol is universally associated with love, passion and so much more. This tattoo will show how much you love video gaming from the core of your heart.

Apart from video gaming, you can place other things inside the heart that you are fond of or are passionate about.

The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tattoo Designs 30

If you are looking for a love tattoo that is easy and is not time-consuming, this heartbeat tattoo should be your ideal choice. There might be hidden meanings associated with heartbeat tattoos but they are often regarded as simple tattoos that represent the passion and love inside you.

In the end of this blog, we would like to mention that wrist tattoos will cause some discomfort because the skin is thin and doesn’t have much muscle. So you need to be extra careful after you get inked. Tattoo aftercare is important for the wrist area to heal properly. So make sure you follow all the necessary steps that your tattoo artist advises you.

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