Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo.

Getting a tattoo can start with many doubts like not knowing what to get or
wondering if it would hurt much or which studio to pick from. You may have
adored those brilliant tattoos on your friends’ or colleagues’ body and might have
wanted to get one! Many of the factors can jumble you up and you may get really
confused about taking the right step towards getting a tattoo. We are here to
ease up your confusion and tell you what you need to know before heading for a

Getting a tattoo is similar to getting married. The ink does run deep! It is a
lifelong commitment (unless you want to alter or erase it later!) and you need to
choose the right tattoo to be happy with it for long. Take time and do a lot of
thinking over so that you wouldn't cringe or regret when you look at it after a few

Ink it for a Reason
The reason for getting a tattoo should never be an impulse or an overnight
decision. You might get inspiration from others about getting a tattoo but take
your decision very wisely. Calm your mind and seek the reason. Is it because you
appreciate art or is it your way of expressing love or do you just want to chill?!! It
is not necessary to have a very deep or emotional connection to the tattoo, but
your reason should be sensible enough to stand by the decision of getting one.

Designs That Speak Volumes
The design should be something you can relate to and be proud of. Choosing a
design should never be done in a hurry. Research about the kind of designs you
want and take references from various platforms. You can sit with your artist and
take views if you want the tattoo to be very personal and reflect your personal
values. You can also choose something meaningful or something which is very
aesthetically beautiful.

Monochrome or Colour?
As the design is finalised you need to decide whether you want a balck and white
or a colourful tattoo. Both are beautiful in their own way. Some designs look
more stylish in black and others speak volumes with a bash of colour added to
them. Also, black could wear off more easily than colours. So choose the shade
which goes with your design.

The Ideal Spot
Tattoos of certain designs go with specific body parts. Be very careful about
where to ink the tattoo. The design and the size matters a lot in the placement of
a tattoo. It can be your choice to keep it private or visible to others. If you don’t
want to answer unnecessary questions you can always opt for a spot hidden by
your clothes or in case you would love to flaunt your tattoo you may happily go
for more visible areas like wrists, ankles, collar bone, neck etc. Some visible
tattoos on the neck or face can be a buzz killer during a job interview as many
employers are still mostly conservative about tattoos. Some tattoos fade easily in
places like fingers and palm due to regular shedding of the skin. So, choose wisely
keeping all the possibilities in mind.

It’s Gonna Hurt!
Remember that, getting a tattoo hurts. The pain-factor hugely depends on the
body part it’s going to be inscribed on and second, on your pain tolerance level.
You should be mentally and emotionally prepared for it. It is recommended to
have a good night’s sleep and no consumption of alcohol for twenty-four hours
before getting a tattoo. Since you are going to get something which is permanent
and probably stays with you lifelong, keep your mind stress free and relax. Grab a
small snack or a non-alcoholic drink and have a friendly chat with your artist
during the session. This will ease unnecessary anxiety and stress.

The Right Spot
The hygiene of your tattoo parlour can affect a lot on your upcoming tattoo. To
choose a place with the proper hygiene standards is recommended because you
wouldn't want to catch an infection after your tattoo is done! Research about the
places, go out and take a look at your chosen place and make sure that everything

meets the standards. Everything that would touch your skin must be packed,
sealed and new. Go through the reviews of the parlour and choose accordingly. It
is better to choose a parlour that is in your vicinity as you wouldn't want to spend
hours in the metro traffic to reach and be all stressful by the time you reach!
Remember you might be spending another few hours in the studio as well to get
the inking done.

Post Inking
There is a lot to be taken care of after you get the tattoo. Always follow the
instructions given by your artist. Clean the tattoo with an antibacterial soap or
solution to prevent it from getting infected and keep it moisturised as it will get
itchy while healing. Avoid extreme sun exposure or swimming because both can
result in discoloration of the tattoo.
Don’t stress too much and give it a go with keeping all these in mind.



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