Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You

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Unique tattoos are something that you own and nobody else. It’s also a saviour from an awkward “who wore the tattoo design better” moment with a complete stranger. To create something unique, you can design one yourself or take inspiration from the available designs, but the end result should be something that’s never been seen before.

Speaking about styles, you can experiment with old school and new school styles, colour or blackwork and many more. You can also check the tattoo styles at Jhaiho to get a better idea on how to design your unique tattoo.

As we are speaking about unique tattoos, let’s see why people tend to get such tattoos in the first place.

  • To have something of their own that identifies with them.
  • To honour loved ones.
  • To stand out or make a statement of their own
  • To mark a special day in life
  • Other reasons

Whatever reason you are getting the tattoo, here’s something for you. We have gathered some amazing tattoo designs to inspire you, to ignite your imagination and help you land on the perfect design to call your own.

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 13

Phoenix Tattoo:

A Phoenix represents the idea of rebirth and passing through all odds like a fire to rise again from the ashes. In the modern sense, it means going through all difficulties and emerging stronger. With such a powerful meaning, you can take inspiration from a Phoenix tattoo and make a design that symbolises a new meaning to life.

3D Tattoo:

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 14

A cool 3D tattoo will always make heads turn as it feels like it has popped up from the skin. They can also help to boost your style quotient as the designs are always unique. You can add geometric details or go for an abstract 3D tattoo, it will always look cool on your body.

Graffiti Inspired Tattoo:

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 15

Although many relate graffiti artwork to art pieces on the street, you can transform them into tattoos as well. Unique graffiti tattoos can help you to express yourself and create your own style statement. 

A graffiti-style tattoo will vary from person to person. You might like street art and want a part of it on your body or you want a loved one’s name inscribed. There are multiple reasons to choose a graffiti tattoo but one thing you need to make sure of is that before trying out a graffiti tattoo on your body, consult a professional tattoo artist. You can consult one at Jhaiho as we have a list of talented artists who are always available to help you in every way they can.

Celtic Knots Tattoo:

Celtic knots have been considered to represent eternity for years now. The cycle of birth and death and the periodic existence of anything on this earth are closely connected with the Celtic (endless) knots

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 16

In today’s modern world, Celtic knots are considered by many tattoo seekers for their unique design. It is also a good option for those who are looking for other designs of the infinity symbol. Some also choose this design for its deep meaning. 

Geometric Tattoo:

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 17

A geometric tattoo has a uniqueness about it that immediately catches one’s eye. You can have them in hundreds of different styles. Geometric tattoos may look cool but they are also considered sacred. The shapes used in the designs have symbolic meanings like the tetrahedron represents fire. The cube shape represents earth while the octahedron represents the air we breathe in. There are other shapes that represent different meanings and no wonder, people are always attracted to them.

As we are talking about unique designs, what could be better than a deer incorporated with a circle and a triangle. The design is one of a kind.

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 18

Noir Inspired Tattoo:

If you love the noir genre then you can give your tattoo a noir film-ish vibe. Giving the noir film effect to your tattoo will make it look extraordinary. It will also add a mystery vibe to the entire tattoo with its dark black colour theme going around.

World Map Tattoo:

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 19

World map tattoos are not popular among many tattoo seekers. They are mostly loved by travellers who like to keep a track of the number of countries or continents they have visited. It’s also a great way to remember a stunning location or a place that touched your heart. 

A world map can be placed on the shoulder area or on the back. It can also be an awesome wrist tattoo. You can also draw a continent or replicate a photograph from a memorable trip into a tattoo. Another idea to make it more personal is by adding a lyric of a song, above the map/continent/country tattoo, that you heard and instantly connected with it. 

Butterfly Tattoo:

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 20

If you are looking for inspiration for your new tattoo, you may want to consider a butterfly. We know that butterfly tattoo is quite popular and almost everyone has them, but there is a timelessness about them that can’t be ignored. With a wide variety of designs, your tattoo artist will remain unique for sure. Butterflies represent transformation, hope, love and even resilience. 

Unique Small Tattoos:

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 21

If you are someone who wants a unique tattoo but are not sure about what design or style to get, then, small tattoos are just for you. You can go for a small seahorse tattoo behind your ear or on the wrist area. In some cultures, the seahorse is a symbol of good luck. It also symbolises the beginning of a new chapter.

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 22

You can also choose an ampersand tattoo which is commonly known as the “and” symbol. It is a simple yet unique small tattoo idea that is appealing. The meaning of an ampersand tattoo can be translated to togetherness, friendship, union and many other things.

Fingerprint Tattoos:

Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 23Top 10 Unique Tattoo Ideas Just For You 24

Fingerprint tattoos are a great way to show off your individuality or to remember a special someone. Every individual has its own set of identifying marks and making a fingerprint tattoo is one of the special ways to mark your individuality. It is also a way to celebrate a special someone in your life as mentioned before. All you need to do is get their actual fingerprint and transform it into a tattoo.  

So, this brings us to the end of this blog. Hope you liked the tattoo designs. You can also explore more tattoo designs at Jhaiho’s Discover page and select one for your next tattoo session. 

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