8 Trans Tattoos to Adorn Your Beautiful Self With

Strength and beauty


It isn’t about “becoming” another person – I already am who I am – I just want my body to reflect that. – Cooper Lee Bombardier

A big part of our journey as people is undoing all the pain and hatred that comes along with living in a world that does not understand or accept us yet. And self-discovery can be painful and beautiful in equal measure – quite like getting inked!

Tattoos are a perfect companion along your journey into yourself. So here is a list of our favourite trans tattoos to help inspire you – and remind you that you are worthy of life and love!

8 Trans Tattoos that Reflect Who You Are, And Who You Are Becoming

    1. Go classic with a trans symbol tattoo.

      This one, in particular, was tattooed around a testosterone injection site — making it even more special!


    1. Wear your pride!
      The Pride of the Galaxy
      Pride and the Galaxy

      Get creative with your design — like this pride tattoo featuring the entire solar system!


    1. Take a stand.
      I refuse to be invisible
      Refuse to be invisible

      Trans visibility matters — let your ink speak your truth.


    1. Equality – now.
      Equality for all
      The pride in equality

      Equality for all — no one is free until we’re all free.


    1. Let your inner nerd run wild!
      Trans estrogen tattoo
      Estrogen tattoo
      Trans testosterone tattoo
      Testosterone tattoo

      How adorable are these testosterone and estrogen tattoos?!


    1. Self-made man.
      Trans man tattoo
      Self-made man

      Maybe a simple text tattoo is more your style? A word, a line, a quote — anything that represents your unique journey!


    1. Find your anchor.
      Strength and beauty
      Stay strong, stay beautiful

      Anchors represent steadfastness, strength, stability — and being trans in the modern world. They’re a great reminder to stay strong during the most trying of times.


  1. And always remember – you are enough.
    You are enough
    I am enough.

    This gorgeous minimalist tattoo is braille for ‘I am enough’.


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