Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women

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A name tattoo is one of the many ways to show your loyalty to a person you care about, to show you will never forget about them or to prove your eternal love. The person for whom you will ink a name tattoo can be anyone. It can be your partner, parent, lover, best friend or pet. You can even tattoo your name.

Name tattoos are not recent trends in the tattoo industry. In fact, they date back to when tribes etched the names of their ancestors or their chiefs on their bodies as a mark of respect. The tradition didn’t die and in modern times, people ink names on their bodies with creative styles and designs.

Speaking about the placement of a name tattoo, you can ink them anywhere on the body. The good thing about name tattoos is that you can select the text according to your taste that will manifest your personality. You can add colours, quotes and a lot more to make it look best. It will be like something that is only owned by you and no one else. But while inking a name, you should be extra cautious of the spellings because you can’t afford to go wrong there.

Having said that, let’s check out these name tattoo ideas that we have curated just for you.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 12

 If you want to take a minimalist approach, then you should consider this design. It is tiny but highly complex due to its stylish font. It’s a beautiful tattoo and will look good on your wrist, forearm or finger apart from the side chest on your body.

Also, you can try adding other elements like a dainty flower or a quote below or above the tattoo to make it more exclusive.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 13

Express your love for your partner by getting the lock and key tattoo style. The significance of this tattoo is how one partner possesses the key to the other one’s heart. Also, this tattoo design is not only limited to lovers alone. You can ink the design to show your love for your parents, siblings or your pet. The choice is yours.

The lock-in this tattoo is carved in the shape of a heart and the key is tied to it symbolising that the person whose name is on the ribbons has the key to your heart. It’s a great tattoo for couples who are deeply in love and are sure about their relationship.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 14

Adding a butterfly, some stars and colours to your name tattoo will make it a beauteous sight. It will look pretty. Even though most associate colours and butterflies as a feminine tattoo, it can also be chosen by men. Adding butterflies indicates a better future for the relationship with the person whose name you will tattoo.

You can ink this design on the shoulder or on the back of the neck area. You can explore more name tattoo designs at Jhaiho in the discover section where there are more than 100 designs available for you just at your fingertips. All you need to do is write the type of tattoos that you need on the search bar and voila!

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 15

When you speak about tattoos and when you think of getting one, you always want it to unique. Some people who are creative and good at art, make their tattoo drawing from scratch. While there are some who take the help of the internet to zero down on a design. 

While we are on the topic of unique tattoos, check this one out on the right. It is called the lotus unalome tattoo with a name as the article is about name tattoos. 

In Buddhist culture, the unalome symbol represents the path of enlightenment. The spirals speak about the twists and turn in life, and the straight line means the moment you reach enlightenment or peace or harmony. The dots at the end of the symbol represent death or the moment when we fade away into nothing. 

Speaking about the lotus in the tattoo, in Buddhism, the lotus symbolises spiritual awakening and purity. The flower is considered to be pure because even though it emerges from murky waters, it is perfectly clean. When we conjoin these two symbols together in a tattoo, it symbolises overcoming adversities in life to seek perfection. 

Adding your name to this tattoo means speaking about your life through this art piece.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 16

A crown name tattoo looks extravagant. This design is perfect for showing a grand gesture for the “king” in your life. The crown is a symbol of royalty and what better way to make your loved one feel that they are the most important person in your life than adding a crown on top of their name.

Speaking about the placement of this tattoo, the forearm area will be the best place for this tattoo. Opt for a large size to make the tattoo visible from a distance.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 17

Flowers make everything look beautiful and that’s the reason why they are so popular in tattoos. Whether you like adding flowers to your tattoo or are paying tribute to someone, they speak more than words. Flowers are not only pretty but also have some symbolic meaning.

If you like aesthetic and minimalist designs, you should consider this simple and delicate beauty for your name tattoo. It will never go out of style as tattoos are meant to stay longer in your life.

When you are absolutely sure about your partner’s place in your life, you can take a step ahead by getting matching tattoos like each other’s names. It’s a way to celebrate the love that you have in your hearts for each other. You can go to your tattoo session together which will be a great bonding experience. You can also choose the font together and most importantly, it will make a bold statement about how much you mean to each other.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 18

You can choose from different fonts for your tattoo. Make it more personal by getting Hindi name tattoos if that’s your native language like this tattoo over here. It’s unique and belongs only to you as a couple.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 19

If you want to reminisce your childhood by getting your favourite cartoon character inked on your body, then you should go for it. Also, add some customization to make it more personal by adding your name to it. 

A Minnie Mouse tattoo is one of the most popular Disney themed tattoos out there for the innocence associated with the character. Minnie Mouse also represents friendship and loyalty, so you can tattoo it with your friend’s name or your partner’s or your parents. The choice is yours.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 20

Among the best ideas for name tattoos, the name of your child inked on your body is the greatest one. It is a tattoo you won’t regret in your entire life. The only thing matters are the design and the placement.

For tattoos like these, you should put a lot of thought into what you want. where you want it and what it will mean to you when your kids grow up. 

You can go with a design that is large like this picture on the left. It is a detailed design of a mother with her two daughters enjoying their time together. When your kids grow up and move on with their lives, this tattoo will remind you of the good times that you spent together when they were young.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 21

Another super cool way to get your kid’s name inked is a footprint tattoo with their name on it. In fact, in pre-historic times, when a child was born, his footprints were stamped on the walls of a home to celebrate the occasion of homecoming for the first time.

A footprint tattoo of your baby can be a lasting memory for you when he was a newborn. A footprint tattoo can also be done in remembrance of a lost child. Whatever the reason may be, it is a special tattoo for both parents.

Want A Name Tattoo? Check These Cool Designs For Men And Women 22

The back area is one of the best places to tattoo your name. You can go for large designs or experiment with the font styles. Here, the font style used is in cursive and the size of the tattoo is huge which makes it an amazing one. 

Few tips for name tattoo designs:

  • Always be sure of the name that you want to get tattooed with.
  • Avoid the name of your partner if you aren’t sure about the relationship. It will save you money and future embarrassment.
  • Add symbols and quotes if the name that you are getting inked with is someone who you recently lost.
  • If are unsure about the tattoo design, always take the help of your tattoo artist who will guide you into finding the one that you love. You will find one right here on the Jhaiho website. The artists have more than 10 years of experience in the tattoo industry and you can even filter out the city where you are in and book a consultation. 

Hope you liked this article and found an idea for your tattoo. Always remember not to rush into a design that you will regret later. Take your time and choose wisely as a tattoo is a lifelong commitment.

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