What is up for sale? The Stars and the Moon in Tattoos

Moon Calf Tattoo

Yes, the universe is a trail of mysteries. Unresolved and dark, even interesting to conceptualize. Looking up at the night sky with twinkling stars and a fair bright moon, it’s almost surreal to imagine. However, we all have been travelling to the moon and back for quite some time, in dreams and stories. The magic of the clear night sky for which we will trade our souls to the beauty of nature. Capturing into the eyes of the beholder, and finally beautifully painted all over our canvas, sometimes over our skin, in the form of tattoos.

The moon and stars tattoo are exclusively famous for their enchanting effect. In the form of a simple moon and star tattoo. Be it a dreamer or a traveller or a bohemian soul, the moon and star tattoo speak volumes for them. Let’s check out the best sun moon and stars tattoos designs.

Moon with Motifs

As bohemian or colourful tainted flowers, these are the best designs that account for simple and artistic designs. Popular among women, these designs are delicate and yet speaks up for your love for calm and serenity.

The Sun, Moon and Star

What is said to be a rare occasion, inked on the skin of people who love such once in a lifetime moments to be engraved. The Sun Moon and Stars tattoo symbolises power and tranquillity. Also, you can try a small moon and star tattoo. Pulling it off is a totally brave idea. The emphasis on the moon star and sun tattoo meanings has left people bewildered. So, try something simple as you already have two or three elements in your tattoo.

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Moon and other elements

A pictorial representation of scenic moments or the  accumulation of many into one. When you combine the moon with other elements, you must swear by the depth of each element complimenting the other. Like mountains with the moon or starry night with a moon is a risky take which tattoo artists are up for, these days.


Depends on how you want to portray, stars alone can make your tattoo stand out on its own. Ankle or collarbone. These are the two usual places you would find people inking stars. Symbolising fiery passion or inspiration all at the same time.

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Phases of the moon

An elaborate task to carry out nevertheless never fails to impress. People generally portray this on their forearm for more complete coverage; this tattoo can relate to changing times and gives a sense of hope. Stunning to see, it’s a hit for the season for quite some time now.

Moon with Clouds

The most nightly depiction of the beauty of nature. The ultimate game of hide and seek. Moon and Cloud tattoos are amazing for a creative soul that is glowing under the mystery.

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