What should I Wear after getting a Tattoo?

Aftercare is an essential measure to be kept in mind for a newly inked tattoo. The tattoo is
an open wound which usually takes two to four weeks to heal and during this period it
needs to be treated very carefully to avoid any infections and complications. Washing the
tattoo in lukewarm water and moisturising it with an ointment or lotion is one of the
mandatory aftercare processes. With the fresh ink on your skin, it is very important that the
clothing you choose should prevent further irritation to the skin.

Things to Avoid
Avoid wrapping your tattoo in bandages and plastic wraps as it does not allow air to get to
the tattoo and can delay healing and result in infections. Don’t shave over the tattoo until it
is completely healed as it can be a very painful affair.
Activities like swimming, bathing in a tub, sauna sessions and sunbathing are to be strictly
avoided. These can result in rashes and itching of the tattoo as the chemicals and bacteria in
the pool can give you serious infections. It is also advised to avoid sun exposure as the UV
rays can result in fading of the tattoo. You can opt for a good SPF along with your aftercare
healing moisturiser.

Fresh Tattoo Covering
Artists use a clean wrap to wrap your tattoo immediately after getting inked. The wrap
protects the skin from oozing out blood and smearing the ink. It is advised to keep it
wrapped for the first day and night, also changing the wraps to new ones should be kept in
mind to avoid building up sweat and moisture.

Choosing Breathable Clothing
Choosing your outfit after getting a tattoo should always be chosen after keeping your
tattoo’s location in mind. Even though many clothes can suit your tattoo, wearing the ones
while your tattoo is healing should be very light and breathable. If you are wearing clothing
over the tattoo, choose cotton or soft materials so that the skin does not get irritated. It is
often recommended to wear clothing in which your tattoo is exposed and not covered
under the clothing.
Avoid wearing leather as it can cause build up moisture and sweat which might result in
further infections. Tight fitting clothes like denim is not recommended if you are getting a
lower back or thigh tattoo. Shorts, loose trousers or skirts are more recommended. In case
you are getting a tattoo on your arm, you can opt for sleeveless tops, linen or cotton tops. A
maxi dress is also the type of cloth you can choose in cases of you getting a tattoo on your

neck, midriff, legs, upper back and lower back. It is comfortable and lets your tattoo breathe
and doesn’t stop it from healing by building up sweat or moisture.

Bed Clothing
It is more sensible to avoid sleeping on your tattoo in the initial week. Clean your tattoo
with an antibacterial solution and moisturise is with a healing lotion recommended by your
artist. Until the tattoo peels your tattoo will be uncovered for several nights. Wearing loose
breathable pajamas or shorts along with tank tops or loose t-shirts can be your ideal choice
of dressing for sleep as long as it does not create any friction. Choosing clean bedsheets are
also recommended until your tattoo heals completely.

The Sandal or Shoe Confusion
Protecting your foot tattoo can be a challenge as foot and ankle tattoos are painful. Make
sure you choose roomy and comfortable sandals which do not cover the tattooed area of
your feet. Avoid wearing closed shoes for a long duration. Also, cotton socks are a good
option to save your tattooed foot if you are planning to wear sandals which allows much sun
exposure. Being barefoot is the best option when you are at home and try to keep your feet
elevated as much as possible as sitting with your feet on the floor can result in swellings.
Taking care and getting your tattoo healed should not be neglected under any
circumstances. Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor in cases of rashes, discharges, excessive
swelling or unbearable pain.