Wing Tattoos: Time to Fly!

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Wing Tattoos Designs

A little good, a little bad, a little funny

The most obvious image that comes to mind for wings is, of course, an angel. Angel tattoos are one of the most popular designs, both for their religious symbolism and artistic beauty. These wing tattoos are usually done on the arms.

Angel tattoo of Archangel Michael by Lucky Solanki
Artist: Lucky Solanki

Devil tattoos are also quite popular, easy to tell apart due to that pointy tail!

Angel devil tattoo by Robbin
Artist: Robbin

In addition to angels, deities are also often depicted with wings, especially ancient Egyptian ones like the goddess Isis.

Wing tattoo of goddess Isis by Ilgon Ozdogan
Artist: Ilgin Ozdogan

Wings are also great in tribute tattoos – and angel wing tattoos work beautifully on the back!

Angel tattoo by Ilgin Ozdogan
Artist: Ilgin Ozdogan

But there’s more to the wing than the angel behind – well technically, in front – of it.

Angel wing tattoo on the leg by Banul
Artist: Banul

Wing Tattoo Meaning

Getting to the heart of things

Put plainly, wings represent freedom. Nothing says ‘I’m ready to fly away’ quite like a tattoo with wings! But freedom can mean very different things to different people – which is probably why wings are found on pretty much everything!

Tattoos with wings are EVERYWHERE – from the winged moonstick in Sailor Moon

Wing tattoo of the moonstruck from Sailor Moon by Jordan Baker
Artist: Jordan Baker

– to the adorable Pegasus from Hercules and similar creatures from mythology.

Wing tattoo of Pegasus from Hercules by Jordan Baker
Artist: Jordan Baker
Wing tattoo of mythical creature by Robbin
Artist: Robbin

From the winged Pokemon we all grew up desperately hoping to catch someday –

Wing tattoo of a Pokemon by Jordan Baker
Artist: Jordan Baker

– to those ever so classic tiny wings on the heads of some of our favourite Marvel – and other! – heroes.

Wing tattoo of Captain America by Jordan Baker
Artist: Jordan Baker
Wing tattoo of Asterix and Obelix by Alexander Oddhouse
Artist: Alexander Oddhouse

And from the adorable Elliot from Pete’s Dragon

Wing tattoo of Elliot from Pete's Dragon by Jordan Baker
Artist: Jordan Baker

– to the wide range of gorgeous and quirky wing tattoos found in every corner of the web – there’s even wings on pigs, giving the phrase ‘when pigs fly’ a run for its money!

Wing tattoo of a pig by Zaya
Artist: Zaya

And you know what else has wings? A snitch. Not the kind that gets stitches, the other one.

Wing tattoo of the Harry Potter snitch by Nanal
Artist: Nanal

The bottom line is – wing tattoos are everywhere and work well with pretty much any kind of design, making them one of the most versatile tattoo designs out there.

Birds are, of course, one of the most popular animal tattoos around – and you know what birds have plenty of? Wings!

Wing tattoo of a swallow by Szofi
Artist: Szofi

Wing tattoos on the arms are a classic, but they can be given a modern upgrade with an abstract design.

Wing bird tattoo by Victor Martins
Artist: Victor Martins

Check out Animal Tattoos and their Meanings for more animal tattoo design ideas.

As versatile as it is, the classic wing tattoo remains the most popular choice with this design. Its simplicity is enough to convey a sense of freedom!

Wing tattoo by Banul
Artist: Banul

There is, however, room for a lot of experimentation with the many styles of tattooing!

Tattoo wings on the back are a fan favourite. After all, who doesn’t want to feel a little magical? This small angel wings tattoo is a beautiful tribute!

Angel wings tattoo on the back by Banul
Artist: Banul

Wings on the back tattoo not really your style? Try tattoo wings on the chest!

Wing tattoo on the chest by Niloy Das
Artist: Niloy Das

Read up on tattoo specializations at The Many Styles of Tattooing.

While a lot of people regard relationships and marriage as the opposite of freedom, for many being with someone they love is quite freeing!

We recommend a wing tattoo on the wrist – it’s perfect for couples!

Wing couple tattoos by Ilgin Ozdogan
Artist: Ilgin Ozdogan

Abstract pieces are fantastic when you want to bring to life what something truly means to you, which makes them perfect for something as subjective as ‘freedom’.

Abstract wing tattoo by Victor Martins
Artist: Victor Martins

If getting a whole wing tattoo is a little too grand for you – try a simple feather tattoo! They’re often simple and minimalist and elegant to boot!

A minimalist linework tattoo of a feather, script, and infinity symbol
Artist: Sunny Bhanushali

A bonus is that feather tattoos work great as coverups!

Feather tattoo from Aliens
Artist: Lucky Solanki

Check out Aliens Tattoo Studio: The Essence of Minimalism for more simple tattoo ideas. To book an appointment, visit Aliens Tattoo.

If you’re feeling really experimentative, however, you could get creative with a new school style like graffiti!

Wing heart tattoo by Anthony
Artist: Anthony

Want more heart tattoo ideas? Visit Heart Tattoos.

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