Your Ultimate Guide To Great Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoos are meant to last forever. You pick a design according to your taste or liking and wear it happily until the day you start despising it. But let us tell you that might not be the only reason. The tattoo colors may wear out or blur out due to exposure to the Sun.

So what do you do when you stop liking your tattoo or it wears out? Well, you either remove it or retouch the tattoo. What else you can do is cover the tattoo up with a brand new design that suits your taste.

Unlike laser tattoo removal, tattoo coverups take fewer sitting sessions and don’t leave a scar. They are also cheaper compared to laser tattoo removal.

Having said that, let’s look at the cover-up tattoo ideas listed below just for you. Hope you like them and get inspired to cover up the tattoo ASAP.

Intense Black Work:

When the previous tattoo on your body was of medium size, this tattoo with intense black ink does the perfect job to hide. Also, the tattoo has a dog’s face which can be of your pet whom you love dearly and there’s no chance of breaking up with your dog, right? So pet tattoos are ideal choices for inking if you don’t want to regret your decision later in life.

Your Ultimate Guide To Great Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas 6

Initials Cover Up Tattoo:

When it comes to tattooing someone’s name, people often stick to initials. But when the relationship ends, the tattoo becomes a painful reminder and all you want is for the tattoo to be gone. Well, this tattoo on the left gives a clear idea of covering up an initial tattoo.

 Your Ultimate Guide To Great Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas 7

The cover-up tattoo looks brand new and camouflages the previous ink perfectly. It actually seems like there was no tattoo before.

Pirate Cover-Up Tattoo:

There was a time when you loved pirates. You loved how dare-devil they were and seized whatever they set their eyes at. You loved them so much that you got a pirate tattooed on your body.

 Your Ultimate Guide To Great Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas 8

Cut to the present, you have crossed that phase and want to get rid of the tattoo. So why not cover it up with a new tattoo? You can take inspiration from this idea on the right that shows how a pirate tattoo has been covered with a tattoo that looks gorgeous.

Also, if you are a fan of the character Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, then this tattoo is just for you.

As we are discussing cover-up tattoo ideas, let us tell you that for covering up old tattoos you need skilled hands. For that, you can visit the Jhaiho website where you will find experienced tattoo artists who are skilled in all types of tattoo modifications.

The tattoo artists at Jhaiho are specialized in covering up tattoos and have completed more than 100 cover-up requests. So don’t wait, book a free consultation today and get that old tattoo covered up.

Floral Cover-Up Tattoo:

Floral cover-up tattoos are even better than real tattoo. Just like this one on the left. The faded black tattoo got a bright and gorgeous makeover with the flowers and the mandala art on the picture. In fact, people will never know there’s a small black tattoo hiding under the vibrant flower.

Your Ultimate Guide To Great Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas 9

The mandala art at the back of the flower makes the tattoo look stunning. It’s definitely a head-turner. You should try this tattoo idea if you are looking for something gorgeous.

Feather Cover-Up Tattoo:

Even though feather tattoos are common, they are significant. Feathers are often associated with freedom, courage, strength and wisdom. There are also many variations in feather tattoos with the respect to the bird you choose.

Your Ultimate Guide To Great Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas 10

As we are on the topic of cover-up tattoos, why not cover up your existing tattoo with a meaningful one? Take this feather tattoo, for example, it looks like a phoenix bird’s feather. The phoenix symbolizes birth, death or rebirth. 

It mythically means the creature is reborn from the ashes after bursting into flames. With such a strong meaning behind the bird, it’s not a bad idea to get the bird’s feather tattooed as a cover-up, right?

The tattoo can also mean that you have overcome the past and are ready to face the future with a new spirit. You can also go for a colored feather if you feel the black one is simple. The choice is yours.

Few Things You Need To Know About Cover-Up Tattoos:

Are Cover-Up Tattoos Painful?

As the cover-up tattoo will be done over an old tattoo, you should be prepared for a little pain. The covering up process happens over scar tissue so it’s natural for it to be painful. There are people who experience less pain and there are people who witness more pain. It completely depends on the pain threshold of a person. 

Is removing a tattoo better than a cover-up?

When it comes to tattoo removal, laser tattoo will always deliver the best results. All you need to do is choose the best laser technician for the procedure. Also, laser tattoo removal can make things a lot easier for your tattoo artist to create something awesome.

Do cover-up tattoos cost more?

The cost of a cover-up tattoo depends on the size and the tattoo artist. The difficulty and time taken to complete the tattoo are also the deciding factors of price for a cover-up tattoo. Some artists charge an hourly rate and some charge depending on the skill level and experience.

Do cover-up tattoos need to be big?

You should always remember that the cover-up design needs to be bigger than the older one. If it’s small, it might fail to cover up the old tattoo that you badly need to be gone. Also, if you are unsure about the size of the new tattoo, you can always discuss with your tattoo artist to conclude on the right design.

You can find tattoo artists at Jhaiho who have been in the tattoo industry for more than 10 years. Another plus point here is that you can apply the city filter and check out the tattoo artists based out of your city and book a consultation for free.

We hope these tips were helpful for you and if you have more doubts or questions you can always ask your tattoo artist.

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