Your Ultimate List Of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men

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One of the coolest tattoos for men is arm tattoos. In fact, you can’t go wrong with arm tattoos with so many cool designs to choose from. You will surely be spoilt for choice. With arm tattoos, you also get a broad area to bring your ideas alive.

For instance, an upper arm tattoo can go up to your shoulder area and wrap around your chest or the back. There are also back of the arm tattoos that have an extended canvas to work on or the front of the arm that can cover the sides. Lastly, there are endless cool arm tattoo ideas for men in different colors, shapes and sizes to suit your taste.

So, to help you out to zeroing down on an arm tattoo design, we have collated some ideas for your arm tattoo inspiration. Let’s dive in.

Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men:

Animal Tattoos:

Animal tattoos fit nicely in the upper arm depending on the size and design. Usually, lions and tigers are chosen for tattoos for their fierceness, courage and strength. These usual choices when done brilliantly look amazing and turn out head turners. Take this tattoo design, for instance, the lion tattoo looks majestic as the design is vivid. In fact, it looks just like a photo. The detailing that has gone into making this tattoo is just amazing.

Your Ultimate List Of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men 9

Apart from lions, you can also choose wolf tattoos for your upper arm. Many opt for the wolf because it represents loyalty, family and protection. You can add details and shapes as you like to the tattoo to suit your style.

Your Ultimate List Of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men 10

You can take this geometric wolf tattoo design for your inspiration which looks cool and stylish. Geometric designs represent the core of a wolf which is made with wisdom, strength, freedom, protection and a lot more.

With tattoos looking this magnificent, you need skilled tattoo artists who will understand your vision and turn your imagination into an art piece that sets style statements. The search for one good artist can be taxing but here at Jhaiho, the search is hassle-free as you can apply the city filter check which artist is nearby and book an appointment.

All the artists are experts in the field and you won’t regret your choice, trust us.

Portrait Tattoos:

If you want to dedicate a tattoo to someone whom you see as an idol in your life or you want to show your love for your favorite celebrity, portrait tattoos are the best way to do it. Portrait tattoos can be done with extravagant background designs or with none, they will look equally great. Also, these tattoos are truly unique as you can get creative with the designs.

 Your Ultimate List Of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men 11

Speaking of the size of the tattoo, you can either go for a small size or for a larger than a life-size tattoo that will show your respect for the person.

Apart from real-life persons, you can also select portrait sketches that you might have seen somewhere and loved and want to get a tattoo on your body. 

P.S.: Portrait tattoos take a long time to complete, so you better prepare yourselves accordingly.

Inner Arm Tattoos:

Lighthouse Tattoo:

Your Ultimate List Of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men 12

Earlier sailors used to tattoo a lot of designs on their bodies and lighthouses were among them. A lighthouse tattoo has various meanings but the most common one is that they are the beacons of safety and for this reason, sailors used to tattoo them. 

Cut short to modern times, lighthouse tattoos are done by many as they are considered classic and also because it is a symbol of guiding light to move forward in life.

You can also opt for a size larger than the one in the picture on the left and customize the design according to your taste.

Minimal Tattoo Design:

If you are the kind who doesn’t want to cover your body with tattoos but still want to get one, the inner arm is the safest place for you. Also, a simple and minimal tattoo design will be a great choice for you. Here is an example for you to take inspiration if you were contemplating your decision to get a tattoo.Your Ultimate List Of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men 13

Arm Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men:

Full Sleeve Tattoo:

A full sleeve tattoo is an excellent option for you if you are looking to create an art masterpiece on your arm. You can choose from so many options available for full sleeve tattoos. Here’s a striking example of a full sleeve tattoo that has a deer and a compass. The tattoo depicts the deer as your guiding animal who will show you the right path in your life

Your Ultimate List Of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men 14

For magnanimous tattoos of this sort, you need to be patient as it takes long hours to complete one. So, if you are someone who can dedicate long hours for a tattoo to be completed, this tattoo is perfect for you.

Also, whether the tattoo is big or small, aftercare is very important. You should always listen to whatever advice your tattoo gives and follow the instructions word by word to avoid skin problems. You can follow this step-by-step guide of tattoo aftercare.

Half Sleeve Tattoo:

Your Ultimate List Of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men 15

A half sleeve tattoo is for those who would have to conceal it for formal events or for work, but are also not afraid to show off their tattoo when the time is right. 

Also, half sleeve tattoos look good on guys with toned arms, biceps, and shoulders. So, if you are looking for ideas for half sleeve tattoos, you have landed at the right place.

Take this tattoo design, for instance, it’s a cool design with a roaring lion amidst flowers. A lion always depicts fierceness, power, and nobility and a roaring lion tattoo represents that you are not afraid and are always ready to face obstacles.

Your Ultimate List Of Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men 16

Here’s another example of a half sleeve tattoo of Lord Ganesha with a mandala art in the background. If you are a follower of Lord Ganesha, then this tattoo is perfect for you. 

Lord Ganesha is worshipped for new beginnings and a tattoo of him will be a great idea if you are about to start a new journey. You can check more tattoo ideas of Lord Ganesha here.

We hope you liked these arm tattoo ideas for men in this blog and they have inspired you enough to get tattooed ASAP.  

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